Minecraft: Build, Play, Explore

Minecraft is the gaming sensation that allows its players to customise to their playing area to the fullest extent of their creativity.

In Minecraft you build walls to keep out monsters, break blocks in your way and create your own adventure each time you play. The game offers a great online community where you can chat and trade secrets with fellow Minecraft players.

Whether you play with friends or in a solo campaign Minecraft offers freedom to build, create and explore. You can explore by yourself, with up to 8 of your friends online and split screen with your friends.

The Xbox 360 version has a new tutorial mode that allows you to learn the basics all the way up to being a pro. So follow the story line, slay the dragons or dig, sculpt and grow your world how ever you like. Its your choice. Your world and Your fun.


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As a parent, finding age appropriate games for your child can be difficult. Thankfully, this is what we are focussed on, so by reading what we have to say, you should be able to find out all of the information relevant to your decision. We will offer reviews of all of the age appropriate games out there, from the quality of gameplay, to how they can benefit your child. Being able to provide quality entertainment for your kids is something all parents should commit to, and being able to find informative, educative games, which they will enjoy, is like the holy grail of this aim. There are a number of great games out there which fit the bill, and we will be going through them all, so that you understand what you are getting in to before you go out and buy the wrong type of game.

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