Is Destiny on your Christmas List

Posted on October 29, 2014 at 6:14 pm

Destiny is now over a month old and it’s so far proved to be a big hit. The game is an online first-person shooter video game set in a futuristic science fiction world. The game is all themed around Guardians and these are divided into three distinct races: Humans, Awoken, and Exo.

Each race has its own style, but you can be forgiven for feeling as though the game is very similar to Halo. The races have no effect in terms of skill and performance though, and it’s only for visual effects. Whatever race you decide on, you have to combat aggressive aliens, and protect your earth.

Destiny was built to be enjoyed online and you can challenge friends in competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes, but sharpen up your skills first in story mode, you’ll then get more of an understanding on this futuristic world and how it works.

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Next Gen Consoles – Still Very Pricey

Posted on October 24, 2014 at 7:24 pm

Next gen consoles (if we can stil call them that) are soon to be a year old, and it only seems as though it was several weeks ago when these consoles were top of every kid’s Christmas list last year. Well, now Christmas is round the corner again, it’s unfortunate to see that neighbourhood Sony or Microsoft have dropped their prices on these consoles.

You’re still going to have to pay around the £400 mark for both of these consoles with one game. Many people predicted that Microsoft would drop their prices to compete with Sony but they seem to be standing firm on their hardware, and it could take another year or so to see the priced dip significantly.

Sales will probably be booming once more this Christmas, but those part time gamers may be tempted to wait it out a little longer, and some people are still content with their ps3 and Xbox 360s.

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