Gameboys – The pinnacle of my childhood

Posted on January 15, 2016 at 9:37 pm

I’ll never forget the day I was given my very first Gameboy. It was second-hand with somebody else’s name marked on the battery cover, I believe it was ‘Tom’. I didn’t care though; I was too busy staring at the green screen with complete and utter concentration, listening to the Mario jingle through my headphones.

It was the pinnacle of my childhood, and it came with me everywhere I went. The long journeys to relatives’ houses seemed to fly by in minutes, and I don’t think my mum ever heard me say ‘are we there yet’ when I had the Gameboy by my side. I dug it out recently only to find that it still works, but I must say it’s very difficult to go back to now, but it really does make you stop and think about how far gaming really has come.

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