Amazon Ninja Runner – A classic gaming feel

Posted on October 28, 2016 at 4:46 am

Amazon Ninja Runner has the look and feel of one of those timeless games and it’s doing very will in the Apple Store charts right now. It’s a simple game, much like Mario, you just sprint down the track and tap to jump over any hurdles as they approach. With this game it’s all about your reaction speed. If you can make your ay to the athletic finals an=ad become the world number one, then you can officially state that you’ve completed the game. It must be said, this game isn’t easy and it can prove to be very frustrating to start with. If you don’t have fast reactions you can’t succeed to practice makes perfect. At just £1.50 it’s worth a buy and it will certainly keep you busy should you have 5 minutes spare. Give it a go now, you can by it on iPhone and Android devices.

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