Rime: Cute and Quirky

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 10:34 am

Rime is a lovely lone adventure game that’s beautiful to play. It’s really easygoing so it’s great for amateur gamers and people of all ages but the simplicity of this game can actually wear you down. The premise is pretty straightforward, you are a lone ranger who wakes up on a magical island after a shipwreck, and have to solve a variety of puzzles to figure out what happened.

As you jump, run, climb and swim around this beautiful island, you face some simple tasks like collecting keys and moving crates, but the challenges get harder as you proceed. The problem was, the puzzles don’t have that level of addictiveness that you come to expect, and after playing this one we were more infatuated with the scenery and the island than the game itself. It’s not a game you can play for hours at a time but it’s a nice escape from hardcore gaming and it’s a real nice family game.

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