Far Cry Primal: What we made of this game

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 1:56 am

Far Cry Primal is not a game of rugged and back-to-basics combat battle. Rather, this game is all about mystical supermen, fully equipped with similar astonishing abilities plus gadgets like Jason Brody’s Far Cry 3 or Aiden Pearce’s Watch Dogs.

In this game, we travel back in time, 12 thousand years to Stone Age. You won’t find vehicles or guns, but rather all these are replaced by spears, bows, clubs, and beasts.

Far Cry Primal: What We Made of This Game

Far Cry Primal, at its core, is not a game of technology but magic. While the series always, to some degree or another, has flirted with the mystical—we have battled giant “blood dragons”, and gone to the realm of magical spirit of Shangri-la, among others-majority of Far Cry experience experiences has always been about shooting things using guns. Check out the trailer here:

But Far Cry Primal is quite different. The guns are out. A new set of tools and weapons are at your beck and call. Well, this lends some great variety to the series. For example, you may throw “stinger bombs” which basically are beehive grenades. You may light on fire clubs and arrows. A lit club may serve as a torch, or as a means of scaring wolves. This also inflicts fire damage when you land some strike on the enemy. Quite exciting? We think so.

The real magic is going to come to fore in your role as the Beast Master. Here, you tame some wide swath of various beats that will help you hunt and fight. It makes you far more powerful when compared to an average warrior. And even taming, and gathering your menagerie of death generates a lot of fun.

Taming wild animals, fighting out in feral bloody melee combat, exploring the world are some of the things that make this game a lot of exciting fun. That is what we found out.

Meanwhile, you are going to enjoy some of the missions-particularly the great hunt missions-which are just a blast. Even though Far Cry Primal is not in many ways as Geralt’s The Witcher 3, it has a quite similar concept.

Finally, the game’s graphic are quite nice, even when the land of Oros looks a bit generic. Still, there is several details here and everything from your beats, the crazy NPC’s all the way to the thick forests look great.

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