FEZ: A true masterpiece

Posted on February 8, 2015 at 8:22 pm

Sometimes personalities can get in the way of the art. As soon as the mainstream has something negative they can latch onto about the person creating the art then they can undermine both the person and product at every turn. FEZ is one such product. Phil Fish, the man behind the game, struggles with the pressure of being in the public eye. In the film Indie Game: The Movie we’re shown a man struggling with financial pressure, struggling with a work colleague and struggling with the comments from people about the delay to his game. Slowly chipping away at him and his work before it had even released.

When FEZ did release it was a revelation. A masterpiece even, a game of such rare quality that it was simply joyous to play. But that wasn’t enough for some; they dug up quotes from Phil Fish, attacked him on social media and, such was the negativity and vitriol, forced him to cancel FEZ 2 and any further projects to get away from the spotlight.


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