Using Your PS4 Controller On An Xbox One Is Now Possible!

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 3:33 pm

Yes you’ve read correctly. It is now possible to use a PlayStation 4 Controller on an Xbox One. Why would people want to do this in the first place, you ask? Well it’s all dependent on how comfortable people are with controllers on certain games. For example, some prefer playing Fortnite with a PS4 controller, as the buttons are much closer together and the controller is also smaller, meaning quicker response times when playing.

Another reason is due to the size of the pad in general. Xbox is known to have extremely chunky controllers, something that is loved and despised by gamers. Those with much smaller hands struggle to play with Xbox controllers and always have to look for alternatives with the PS4 being the ultimate alternative, as it’s smaller, rechargeable and also very consistent.

We’ve tried this hack out, and it works perfectly, so if you’re interested, start doing your research!

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