Halo: Combat Evolved – Potentially the best game ever

Posted on April 16, 2020 at 8:56 am

In 2001 we were gifted a real gem of a game: Halo: Combat Evolved. Expectations were rightly high with the Halo franchise taking the world by storm. So why was this game recently listed in the top 10 for the best games of all times? Well, here are a few of our reasons why we think it’s deserving of its place…

It was one of the first shooters where the aliens actually fought back. This sounds rather basic and simple, but it’s true. It was no longer a breeze and you had to work hard to survive, which would certainly be the case if a world like this ever did exist. Playing Halo today, especially when on the Legendary mode or setting, you quickly have to get to work. It’s amazing how quickly those chattering, cackling creatures can completely destroy you. Halo has helped blossom the genre of space shooters, but it’s the first game of its kind for sure – released at a time when the idea of a first-person shooter on a console was fairly laughable. The impact it has had on gaming is huge.

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